Mono block install question

I am planning on purchasing a pair of monoblocks to run my Magnepan 3.5's with my M&K subwoofer and my Conrad Johnson amp, along with my Marchand active crossover. I am confused on how to wire this setup. I don't know if I should run from my preamp to the sub, then from sub into the active crossover, from the crossover into the CJ for the midrange/tweeter, then to the monoblocks for the bass being fed to the speakers. This seems logical to me to filter all of the lows to the sub at the crossover then to seperate the mid/highs from the remaing bass being fed to the speakers. Is there any better ways to do this? Is this just overkill? Would I just be better bi-amping? Are there any better setups for this? I bought the active crossover because I was running the full signal to the sub and speakers from my CJ single amp, but the maggi's sometimes had trouble with certain music because of their lack of bass. I am looking for the best setup using the crossover with the sub and also getting into a higher end amp(s). Any advice would be appreciated.
Usually, you'd run the signal through the preamp into the active crossover and then to amplifiers powering the respective bass and mid/treble sections of the speakers.

Some folks like to run the satellites full range and use the crossover only to the subs. If your preamp has two sets of outputs, this is easily facilitated. You just run one pair of the preamps outputs to the amp feeding the maggies (bypassing the Marchland entirely) and feed the other pair of preamp outputs to the Marchland and into the amps powering the woofers. With Maggies, I'd probably opt for this configuration as long as I had enough amplifier power to feed the panels. If not, I'd use the high pass section of the active crossover to keep bass frequencies from being sent to the Maggies.

You will have to experiment with the crossover's settings and level controls to get the best blend of woofer to Maggie.
I run my pre into the Marchand and then turn off the crossover in my sub. I let the marchand do all the work.
setting up pro sound i would run the board/preamp to the cross over and send seperate signals to the amps powering the subs mids and highs (running three way) or just the subs and full range tops. cutting the low end out of the signal going to the full range takes a lot of load off that amp. In your case, going through the sub first would seem to open a lot of opportunity for signal degredation from the sub electronics. Like Plato said you'll have to tune the cross over points (and speaker placement) to your room