Monitor Audio RX2 Speakers

Does anyone own or have auditioned these speakers? If so, what are your impressions. Thanks, David
I was able to do an in-home trial of the RX2 earlier this year. It was too much speaker for my room. The bass was boomy, and it felt like the speaker was pressurizing my room too much. I think I needed to give them more room to breathe. So if your room is small or if they will be close to the wall I'd suggest an in home trial first. If you can give them lots of room I'd expect nice results. Sound should have plenty of weight and muscle, needless to say, but my impression was that overall the RX2 is also very engaging. Songs that didn't have too much bass energy came across that way to me - this is when I enjoyed the speaker. The old RS series is often described as bright, and I certainly thought so, but the RX line has toned this down nicely.

Hope that helps a bit.

I noticed on another thread that the size of your room is 11' x 13'. May I ask on the placement of the RX2 in this room? How far are the RX2s from the front wall and side walls that produced excessive bass? I presume the RX2s are placed on the short wall. Did you try the RX1?