Monarchy SM-70 Pro won't power up

Following a recent move across town, my Monarcy SM-70 pro unit will not power up. There is no power light on the switch and, of course, no signal getting to my speakers. I've tried different power cords and outlets. I took off the hood and there aren't any loose wires. It was functioning perfectly before a couple short rides in my car, so I'm not sure what could have happened. Any suggestions? I live in Madison, Wisconsin. Is there a recommended repair shop near me? Thanks for your help.
Don't panic!

Before taking to repair, check fuse to make sure you didn't trip during move & also outlet to make sure visibly working by plugging in lamp/clock radio to check.
If Beavis' suggestions above don't solve the problem, contact CC Poon over at Monarchy. He can refer you to someone locally ( if qualified ) or make arrangements to have you ship the unit back to him for repair.

As a side note, i am REALLY surprised at how many people are willing to take their "pride & joy" to someone other than the manufacturer or a VERY reputable repair facility. Many "repair shops" use generic replacement parts that compromise the performance and integrity of design. If you want to maintain the performance / sonics of the components that you have, consult the manufacturer as to who is qualified to repair the units. "Gadget Repairs R Us" may be close, but whether or not the unit is as good as it was before they worked on it is another matter all together. Sean