Monarchy audio DIP vs high end transport

I have a Sony SCD222ES used as my transport into a Theta Pro basic IIIa dac,I just added a Monrchy audio DIP 24/96 processor between them and WOW what a difference. By using a de jitter processor device such as the Dip between a cheaper transport and dac the same thing as using a high end transport?
I had an older DIP Super Drive along with a 22B DAC and it did work well with a lesser transport but with a SFT1, which has an excellent clock, the DIP became more of a filter.

Hope my brother-in-law likes his Christmas present.
I use a modified DIP between my audionote DAC 3.1 and cdt2 transport and would never use that combination without it. I have always used a dip betweeen the very many dacs and transports i have had in my possession. It brings a natural 'analogue' like warmth to the overall sound each and very time. I have now upgraded all the caps inside it and this makes a moderate further improvement overall again, and of course the power cord is very important also in getting the best out of it.
I use a DIP 48/96 with my transports. I use it now with a computer as a transport..talking about analog sounding. The addition of a NON OS Dac really tops it off! No digital fatigue with this combo. I prefer it to the non upsampling versions which also work very well, just not quite as smooth in my system as the upsampler.
If you like the DIP, you should try the Genesis Digital lens. It is even better. Actually, it is a lot better.

Genesis Lens + el chapo Yamaha DVD via ToSLink cable sounded better than my Theta Data II transport on his own !

Theta transport + GDL sounded even better, but the difference wasn't that big (but it was better).

I have also tried Theta TLC, but have limited success with it.
Elberoth, can you expound what improvements i might hear with the genesis as opposed to a tweaked X10D.
You cannot compare GDL to X10D since those two components have a completly different purpose.

GDL is a jitter killer.

X10D is an analogue buffer.