Moldy L' Art du Son?

Hi, I've had nearly a full gallon on the afore-mentioned record cleaning agent stored for some time. I decided I would start using it, only to discover it had mold, or more likely, algae, growing in the bottom. Moving the container slightly caused the growth to become suspended in the solution for a time. Can this contaminent be filtered out, or does the whole thing have to be tossed?


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Toss it. There are clear instructions (somewhere if you hunt for them) about storing mixed up L'Art du Son only in special lab grade bottles out of the light (at least it's something like that) to prevent what you've described.

A good reason not to use it as far as I was concerned when seeking out a cleaner.
Yeah, sounds like good advice. I've been using RRL cleaners for a long time, and thought I'd give the long- unused L' Art du Son a try. Oh Well.


I had the same problem when I mixed the whole bottle with a gallon of distilled water. Ended up dumping it.

When I ordered a Loricraft RCM, they included a bottle of L'Art du Son, a 100ml squeeze bottle, a small measuring beaker and instructions for making up small batches of solutions so you won't have to waste the product. Dilution is approx. 2ml of LDS to 100ml distilled/ultra pure water.

Thumbs up to Smart Devices and Loricraft for top-notch service.
I mixed a gallon with pure water and store it in the water bottle and in a fridge - cold and dark. Its nearly a year now and no sign of any mold. I've used just under a half during this time. It gets used with the excellent Loricraft PRC 3. Results are superb.
FYI : Many years ago I read an article outlining how to store record cleaning fluids in 1/2 to 1 gal.containers. Besides recommending putting the mixed product in "fridge" the article suggested 3 to 5 drops of bleach per container to retard the growth of bacteria/mold.
Thanks, guys for your replies. I've learned my lesson, now. If I buy more L' Art du Son, I will mix only in small quantities, and keep it in the fridge.

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