Mods to Philips DV 963 SA anyone with experience?

I recently bought a DV 963 SA, which isn't bad, though in no way as good as some of the other CD players I've had (Proceed, Linn Ikemi..) I've seen a lot of places moding them and want to know if/what anyones experience has been with the mods, who did you have do them, how did it improve the player in regards to CD sound, Video, SACD etc...

Your insight is greatly appreciated!
I have the same player I bought to be modified. I am on a waiting list. So I don't have the results yet. I was told that it wouldn't effect the video at all,and that it mainly enhances your front 2 channel sound. If your interested check Ric Shultz has a detailed description of his 963SA mod,and his results after hearing his mod on the 963SA.