Modifying BAT VK-60s

I have brought a pair of troublesome VK-60 amps to a trusted and highly thought of audio repair specialist. He pointed out many cold solder joints and fixed the problem. It has become quieter and no longer blows fuses. He also mentioned the wiring is inexpensive Belden wiring and the coupling caps are nothing special. He believes the sound quality could be greatly improved by replacing both with Audio Note wiring and caps. His pricing is always fair and at $700 for doing both amps this seems quite reasonable. Any thoughts?
These sound like early version VK-60's, the fuses (one for each output tube) should been upgraded to 3A from 2.5A, as recommended by BAT. This would keep them from blowing when listening at high volume sessions.

I would have sent them to BAT, & saved $700.00!!!

Non-original owner or not, even if they are 8 years old, BAT may have upgraded them for free. They are pretty easy to deal with, & I would have called Geoffery Poor @ BAT first. They may have gone through them with a fine tooth comb & done all the upgrades for just the shipping expenses. There where many upgrades done between the 60, 60i, & 60se

Now that they have been Fondled by an Audio Repair Specialist, you may have to take them Mr. Goodwrench should any other problems arise???

That's just My Opinion, & GOOD LUCK w/ Them!!!
Belden is a good wiring. I'm not familiar with capacitors inside BAT amps but "nothing special" to the coupling caps shouldn't realy mean you need to replace them. As to AudioNote caps you can find much cheaper solution but for now if I were satisfied with sound and reliability I wouldn't bother. As to cold solder joints seems quite strange to me and hear it the first time with BAT. Blowing fuses often caused by bad caps or bias-supply that is very complicated in VK60.