Modifying a power switch for preamp who does it?

okay so I am using a DBX Driverack PA, which is a loudspeaker management crossover and parametric E.Q. to run stereo subs essentially. Now I have a tube preamp that is of course for the 2 channel aspect, can turn this on and off without Poping noises and things cause it has a sort of soft relay or whatever, like a surround receiver or most any normal consumer components do in audio. However the Driverack PA does not have a soft start and stop relay of this type or whatever the circuit is, I have Called DBX and of course the digital management Models that cost 3 and 4 times the price of this paticular component have this feature and can be shut down and brought up without surging the Amps and making Nasty Zip bang pop noises. So My amps are left on many times for a few days do to heavy usage and yes of course you can shut down the amps first and not have this issue but I would like to not have to do this all the time, Including the fact that sometimes you just do not think about it and hit the remote to Kill the CD player and preamp and just end up cutting off the processor too, and it is a REAL NASTY and not acceptable Screaming Whine and pop from this particular unit. This is normal and stated by DBX many times these units are used in Rigs with Several of these Stacked and Connected via a UPS(uninteruptable power supply) system and different Pro audio shut down proceedure's so its less an issue. I know many people own these units on this board for the exact functions of the Parametric and all that but who can put in a switch or whatever to eliminate this issue? Thanks
You could get a surge suppressor such as Panamax that has sequential shutdown and turn on.