modern Classe vs Mcintosh for B&W D3

Hi all, would like to get your opinion on the current generation Classe vs Mcintosh amps for B&W 805 series D3.  I've listened to a lot of Mcintosh and B&W pairing at Magnolia and love the combo a lot but Mcintosh is quite pricey.   Classe is slightly more affordable and part of same parent company as B&W but I can't find one around my area to sample.   I'm trying to pick between a Classe Integrated vs Mcintosh Integrated both at 200W 8ohm and 400W 4ohm with USB input.   Any wisdom you all can share?  Thanks ahead.
Go with the McIntosh......Look in the mirror and say three times "get the McIntosh". In the long run you will be happy :-)

Matt M
I am gonna be the one to disagree, big heavy, glass, underengineered, and a ceo willing to support a dealer that rips people off. #likeamcintrash