Mix and Match Krell and McIntosh?

I am considering doing a significate upgrade to my a/v system. I was wondering if anyone out there has a system that combines a krell amp/preamp with a mcintosh amp/preamp. These are both pretty high end companies, but people seem to fall into one "camp" or the other. I think I want to go with a mcintosh amp with a krell preamp. Audiogon members I respectfully seek your wise counsel.

Perhaps you could offer more info and background as to why you wish to go this route. What are your perceived advantages to running these two manufacturers pres and amps in either combination.

Most manufacturers strive for optimal and neutral integration within their component lines i.e. Krell pre with Krell amp/Mac pre with Mac amp. Sounds to me like you want to have something other than neutral. Is that a fair assesment?
After a good bit of McIntosh experimenting, I have realized that to get the best sound, having Mc amp and Mc preamp together is nearly essential. I used my McIntosh C712 pre with a Krell KSA100 for a while and it was fine but a Mc7100 with the C712 was beautiful music. you can give it a shot and see what you think however. The latest Mc preamps are incredibly good. Arthur