Mirage Omnisats: No traffic, no reviews?

Given the amount of ad space I've seen devoted to Mirage's Omnisat system, I'm kind of stunned that there's very little in the way of reviews or user feedback on them. Nothing on USENET, no major press other that a single review in Home Theatre


but it looks like the reviewer was already sold on the omni technology.

There are no dealers in my area, so I've got to travel to Canada (where they are made) to hear them. I gave them a quick listen a couple of months ago, but I need to hear more before buying.

So...has anyone else heard them? Any opinions? It may be marketing but I'm really curious about the omni soundfield, especially since I'm in a smallish room and need to get things dispersed quickly.

I've got a fine 2-channel rig, so this is really only for HT.
I just installed a pair and was pleasantly surprised.. they sound very good (for the price) .. obviously they need a sub, I have them in a surround configuration and crossed over at 80hz. Good midrange and they are really not position sensitive... so excellent for surrounds


I'm actually considering 5 Omnisat units plus the Mirage sub (although I'm not convinced it's a good value compared to the Omnisats).

I heard from the US distributor the other day after I called and whined that there were no dealers in my state. He told me it's their top seller at the moment. You'd never know it from the lack of reviews and discussion.

I'd like to hear them again to see what they do when mounted close to a wall (I'm going to be in a 12 x 15' unused bedroom, so everything's close to the walls).
Check out Jan/Feb 2003 TPV article on page 16. They have some good comments on the type of sound they produce. Sounds like a neat little package for small room suround applications.
Check out this thread:


I think you'll find it very interesting!!