Minor phase plate incident with midrange of Hales

Yesterday I changed the voice coils of my Hales T5 tweeters with good results but in doing so I had a little accident in which one tweeter fell on my midrange phase plate. It dulled the point of the phase plate so that instead of the cone shape going into a point it goes to the sise of a pencil that would need sharpening. It is about 1/32 to 1/16th of an inch at the point as opposed to going staight to a point. Do you think this would make a sonic difference or would the slight dulling of the point be a non issue other than pissing me off for not being more careful. I ordered two phase plates today ,one to replace the dulled one and the other to replace the other speakers midrange phase plate for consistancy in case they are slightly different from when my midranges were origionally made. Please advise.
You can't be seriously worrying...:) This should hardly make a measurable difference in an anechoic chamber, let alone a perceptible one in a normal listening room! (IMO, of course)
If you think it might make a difference, and you need to punish yourself for being so clumsy, it will for ever affect your enjoyment of the speaker. I hope the phase plates didn't cost much.
I've got T-5's as well and think they are a very nice speaker. How do you like yours? The T-5's like a lot of power and I'm only driving them with 105 wpc, so I'm not recieving the full potential of what these speakers have to offer. In spite of that, I've got upgrade fever and will probably replace them with a pair of GMA C-3's, new preamp and amp.
Dawgbyte, I love my T5's. I love them more now that I've replaced the voicecoils in both the tweeters as my tweeters were unbalanced since day one. Since I only realised the problem, I just changed the voice coils out and now the sound is better than it's ever been. The T5's are pretty nice. I'm running them with a Pass X250 amp and Pass X1 preamp.