Michelle on-route service.

I own Michelle Gyro SE turntable with Incognito RB300 arm.
This is so-far the turntable that I've been using quite a while and plan to use it even much more.
I wonder how often I should refill the oil in plater spindel?
Should I clean or re-grease suspention?
I also would like to know if I have to do anything with arm in that sence.
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I use to have the same TT for 4 months (bought brand new)but sold it recently. I bought mine from Brooks Berdan LTD here in Southern California and ask him to set up everything for me. After that, I ask him about periodic maintenace for the TT. Here's what he told me.

1.) Bearing Oil - change it after a year or two depending on how "dusty" the environment is. A year is pretty conservative he said.

2.) Suspension/ spring - No need to oil it to maintain its tensile strenght as far as bounce is concern. The new springs on the MKII version is suppose to be much better than the MKI. A soft painters brush to clean it from airborne dust who happen to reach the area even though they are capped should be sufficient. Oil or grease was never recommended to me because maybe of the rubber bushings.

3.) To decrease "pops" on vinyl playback as well as preserve the platter against collecting dust and scratches, he mentioned to clean it with tap water on a lint free cloth periodically.

4.) To further minimize the "pops" and hum if there's any, you can connect a ground wire from the bottom of the arm board (3 screws, you can choose either one) to your phono preamp.

That's all I can remember for now. Hope it helps...
I have the same table but different arm (SME V). The Michelle fold out manual (not very user friendly) states that once a year oil changes are sufficient! The bearing set up utilized by Michelle is an excellent design and very robust. This principle is incorporated by large power generators and can last over 100 years in constant use. I use 'ceiling fan' oil made for a 'Hunter Original' ceiling fan, availiable at many hardware stores. A two oz. tube is about $2.00. I concurr with the other maint. as recommended by Amandarae.
thanks for heads up folks,
i've got one more Q:
how often you need to change drive belt and is there anything needs to be done with motor?
Purchase a spare belt...keep it in a sealed zip lock bag and out of the sun (UV rays are bad for rubber). According to the "Needle Doctor" (who I asked this exact question) the belt can last up to five years or as little as six months. Go figure. I am going to change the belt every two years just for good measure. If you have the 'new' dc drive motor, no maint. is required for its design life.