Michell - FULL or UNICOVER for a table?

Is it worth to get the full version or will the Unicover be enough to protect a Michell table from dust?
I would contact a local acrylic shop and get one custom made. I got one made out of 1/4 inch acrylic for around $150. Take a look at my system pics:

Picture of dustcover
I tried the Unicover and didn't like how it weighed the turntable down on the tone arm side. Seeing the turntable tilted to one side and the suspension springs unevenly compressed didn't set right (to use a pun).

I'd go for a full cover. I'm just using a piece of lightweight fabric over the turntable for now but plan on replacing it with a good acrylic cover when I have the spare cash.

I got a fabric cover made from a site called digital deck covers. I just gave them the measurements and they sent it within two weeks. I place that over the Unicover, which I am not too fond of for the reasons Tketcham mentioned as well as the fact that it only keeps dust off the platter, and it only cost $40.