mhdt havana vs streamer+ ....anyone?

I am looking at these two units....has anyone had a chance to compare them.

Obviously the havana is much more expensive but the streamer+ seems to compete with DACS in the 1000-1500 range based on reviews.
I bought a streamer + for myself and a streamer for my brother. They are so cheap, there is little need to analyze the purchase. And that trend likely will continue.

I'm listening to a Havana right now, not using USB instead using optical, and it sounds great! Warm and musical. I'd love to have a shoot out some time and make the comparison.
anyone? thoughts on the havana?
Not a big digital fan but I've had the Havana in my system for almost a year now. I love it. It's warm, musical and detailed. Looking to replace the stock tube with a WE 396A...
I've had a Havana for a few months now. Got to say I love it. Like notec, I have not been a huge digital fan, but the Havana via cMP/cPlay->USB has really got me happy. I can spend the entire evening listing to digital or vinyl; they are both a pleasure.

Havana has lots of detail and is very musical. It can handle any style of music. One of my best music purchases.
Can you recommend a modest price reclocker that is audiophile quality and good match to Havana?