MF A300cr or A3.2cr for my Monitor Silver 9i

I have a pair of Monitor Silver 9i running with a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated. I am looking to add a power amp and I am debating between Musical Fidelity A300cr or A3.2cr. Big difference in power but will to much power be to much for the Monitor's?
Go with the MF A300. Assuming that you are using a preamp (volume control) and not shaking the windows when you listen, the A300 will not be too much power for the Monitor Audio Silvers. The A300 is a slightly warmer sounding amp than the 3.2, which should complement the Monitor Audio's. See my comments in response to thread #1102012568.

Regards, Rich
I would go with whatever costs more. The golden rule in Audio is if it cost more, it sounds better. If you need extra cash to make it happen, live in a smaller house.