Merlin VSM / BAM Question

BAM with Balanced XLR in/outputs for use between DAC and integrated amplifier.BAM also has modification to accept Single Ended/RCA in/outputs.Can the SE connectors be used between a Dig Sat Decoder and another int amp to provide sound for a plasma screen through the Merlins? All I do then is to switch the different speaker cable from the two amps to the Merlins.I do this to limit the use of my "music amp" as it is a valve amp.If it is possible to have both balanced and SE simultaniously connected to the BAM will there be any influence on the sound quality through the Balanced connections ?As far as I know there is no switch between the XLR and RCA .
Hallo,anybody out there.....please !
Blluebull- Bobby will tell you everything you need to know about how to do what you are talking about. Send him an email. He supports used product as well as new.