Merlin BAM connection problems

I'm having a connection problem with Merlin BAM unit and Mark Levinson 383 integarated amp. I can connect BAM to the 383 and then connect a single source to the BAM unit. When I want to listen to another source I have to disconnect unused source and connect new source to the BAM unit. I have talked to Merlin and Madrigal about problem. Madrigal said Merlins were incompatible. They aren't but the disconnecting and reconnecting is a pain. I could get an audio switcher with a tape loop ( 383 has no tape loop ) but after spending big bucks on the Levinson it seems wrong. Any suggestions on how I can hookup BAM to the 383. Thank you.
i can think of 2 things, neither of which you're apt to like. 1) use bam w/ the source you use most often or, 2) contact madrigal about the installation of a tape loop, which some manufacturers can do for a marginal cost.
I agree with the's tough to use the BAM with an integrated that doesn't have a tape loop. You probably will have to decide between committing the BAM to one component, constantly switching cables, or replacing the integrated.