Meridian 568.2 vs 861 V.2 which better for 2 ch?

Meridian 568.2 vs 861 Version 2

Which is supposed to sound better for 2 ch stereo?

How do the two compare?

Which cost more on the used market?
Am interested in same so
hithing a ride" on post to see.While installing B&W's for a while (can't think of any other choice in our shop this guy would have gone for) got to hear it in 3 channel mode.Was fantastic.Not everybody knows this but when Bell Labs was developing stero in 30's at first it was a 3 speaker set up but cost cosnderations mad them go 2 box.Wondering if for muisc slone whether it's better to go with third speaker that matches L/R or because of diferent disperstion beter to go with center channell.
I have a 568.2 with Wilson Watt Puppy 7's, I thought that the 568.2 would be a decent preamp, but after I set it up I decided to get a good analog preamp w/ a home theater bypass. That feature allows you to just pass through the prosessor info with a unity gain(volume controled by prosessor) when in that mode or when just listning to 2ch use only the analog preamp.
I have a 861 v3, ML 332.5 amp and Martin Logan Odesseys and am looking for a good tube pre amp for 2 channel, I agree with Stanwine.