Merging HiFI & HT 27-30 ft RCA cable suggestions ?

I need to merge the 7.1 Pioneer Elite receiver with the "Mother" Audio system. I will be keeping both systems seperate . I plan to run four 27ft RC cables from receiver
L, R, LS and RS How I Handle the Sub is not determined as I think I will hook it up to the main system. Any suggestions appreciated. Happy new Year to all my helpful friends on Audiogon!
Here are some great cables for the money. You need long runs so I tried to choose cables that will give you the best performance for the dollar.

Signal cable company - analog one or two models
Audio Art IC-1's & IC-3's
Blue Jean cable company

I use both Signal and Audio Art in my HT system. I find the Audio Art cables to be the best of the bunch.I use the more expensive IC-3's.