Member Nominations: Best Entertainment

I know there have been a lot of threads discussing the most amazingly 3-D holographic imaging, wall shaking, trouser flapping bass, torturous demos, magical midrange etc., but as an audiophile, I often try to remind myself that a good recording of a GREAT performance should, IMHO, be held in higher esteem than a great recording of a merely GOOD performance. With that in mind, what CDs, DVDs etc do you think are well produced or well recorded -- not necessarily state of the art -- but of sufficiently high quality and where the performance REALLY MOVES YOU or REALLY MAKES YOU VERY HAPPY to play on your system? (To get you started, Mannheim Steamroller, the Sheffield Drum Record and the Video Essentials DVD should not be on the list.) Obviously, if you know of music or a movie that is technically AND creatively superb, so much the better. I am hoping this list will provide excellent suggestions for all.
1971-1974 Decca Recording (on CD) of Clifford Curzon playing Mozart's Piano Concertos numbers 20 and 27, with the English Chamber Orchestra conducted by composer Benjamin Britten. This is an excellent sounding CD for the times. Even more interesting because the liner notes talk about how Curzon and Britten controlled the recording process and put musical considerations ahead of technical ones. Curzon would not do recordings unless he had control over the process. The Decca engineers did a great job as well.
it may take several posts to getem' all in but here are the first to come readily to mind as more-or-less happy, great performances that are also sonically very satisfying: (1) "nilsson sings newman" 30th anniverary edition - john lennon's best drinking buddy singing the songs of an american genius of droll irony; (2) "the bobs cover the songs of......" - acepella doo-wop meets andy warhol. another great thread, cw. - kelly
SugarBrie is that one of the Decca "legend" series?

The new Mahler 3 by Simon Rattle on EMI label is best recording of any Mahler symphony I have heard, if only they all could be like this. Performance is very good also.
"Nighthawks at the Diner," by Tom Waits. If you can get through this album without patting your foot and laughing out loud, then check your pulse. The cut "Better off Without a Wife," could cause problems, depending on your situation, 'Nighthawk Postcards," is a complex fantasy ride through big city life that will amaze you and make you laugh at the same time. Hope you agree, it is entertainment on multiple levels, and a great recording too.
I'll suggest a DVD that I think has one of the best pictures I have ever seen on a DVD Debbie does Dallas. Sorry just kidding but seriously the DVD that has suprised me with a great picture is Meet Joe Black, have any of you seen it? agree/disagree? As far as music goes one song that always makes me realize why I have the investment in audio equipment is the song Trial by Fire by Chuck Loeb, energy, passion, solitude, and an over all feeling of belonging all from a song what more can one ask for.
albert: funny, i never pegged you as a tom waits fan. something worth giving a listen to, if you haven't already, is the latest by john hammond, "wicked grin." all tom waits songs, produced by he of the whiskey & cigarettes voice. saw john in concert last week at the gothic in denver. was hoping tom would show up, unannounced and just jam. as my older son (who gets us all these tickets gratis and, so far, is not too embarrassed to take his really old man) reminded me when i expressed my disappointment: yeah, and people in hell hope for ice water. - kelly
I do not know if this Curzon recording is on the Decca Legends. A lot of Curzon recordings are. I have the original CD pressing that was never released in the USA. Years ago I had a friend in London pick it up at Tower and mail it to me. Interestingly, this recording was never put out on LP. You could try contacting in Philadelphia and see if they can get it for you. They will import hard to get CDs if you ask.
Too many, but one I'll never grow tired of is David Bromberg doing Mr. Bojangles. It has the sweetest guitar solo I've ever heard. I saw him twice a year for at least ten years at the Bottom Line Anniversary shows in N.Y.C. and the Tarrytown Music Hall, his home town,in Tarrytown N.Y.. Sharon, Danger Man, New Lee Highway Blues, Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, Katskill Serenade, Statesboro Blues. I could go on and on. I admit it. I was addicted.

Albert, I couldn't agree more about Tom Waits... Making the scene with a magazine... I don't tie myself up or anything.
I just have to add two more. Martin Sexton's "The American". His voice is truely an instrument. If you ever get the oportunity to see him live, don't pass it up. The Best of Laura Nyro, Stoned Soul Picnic. If she doesn't move you to tears, nothing will.