McIntosh vs. Krell Comparison

Can anyone compare the Mcintosh C200 Preamp with the Krell KCT? Which is better and why?

Also, what is the comparison between the McIntosh MC1201 monoblocks and the Krell FPB 450cx monoblocks. Which is better and why?
I have owned both and still own Mcintosh. They are two great brands but couldn't be more different. To say one is better is a matter of taste. The Macs are more natural sounding - very quiet - and these models can drive anything. The Krell sound is very clear and detailed - almost too much for my taste - very bright with some speakers and an edge I find fatiguing through extended listening . If your speakers are not on the bright side then Krell may be to your liking. Both are built solid to give you lasting performance.
I used to reside in the Krell camp too but not anymore. I finally realized that for hifi, the highs did not have to hurt my ears. I have listened to many brands since I left Krell and have come to the conclusion that McIntosh is best for me. I listened to pretty much the entire Krell line and they all have that edgy brightness. As a result, I would go with the 1201s any day (and night).
I used to own Krell FPB 300 amp and KRC-3 pre and was very nice combo. Now own Mac MC2000 amp and Mac 100 pre. Which do I prefer...Mac. Very smooth and no, or at least less edginess of Krell. Of course tube amp vs. s.s. All a matter of taste and do I like those blue meters!
Stereophile's review of the 1201 thought that it had some upper end glare.