Mcintosh Pre C220 vs C2300

I am thinking of getting a Mac preamp to match my SS amp .Looking at the C220 and C2300. What are the sonic differences between these two? What about the C2300? I don't use vinyl.
Well i've had the c2300 for the past 2 months and sound is unbelieveable i was useing it with the mc352 amp and it sounded great very very nice sound stage. Now i have the mc2301 tube amps and now the sound is incredible and getting better everyday as all the pieces break in. i'd go with the c2300 you won't be disapointed.
Do a search on the McIntosh forum of AudioKarma. You will find lots of information on both preamps and most likely some comparisons between the two.
Thanks for the inputs. I just bought a new MCD301 and don't have enough money for Preamp But I will earn more$$$ for c2300. One day it will be mine :-)