McIntosh MX119 vs. EAD

I currently have an EAD Ovation and PM500 driving Aerial 6Bs (front) and model 5s for the center and rears.The sound is the best I've ever had,but the bug to "change/upgrade" has me looking into McIntosh gear,both pre and amp combos.I'm looking at the McIntosh MX119 and separate amps at the moment and would like to hear comments from anyone who owns/auditioned it vs. the EAD combination.The McIntosh would be a clear winner for connections,with the flexible inputs,etc.But the bottom line is the sound.I'm about 50-50 with music and movie/tv listening.The EAD combo is pretty doggone good.Pretty good mate for the Aerials.The choice of amps are still questionable at this time,but they'd also be in the Mac family.Thanks!!
Hey there

I am looking to pick up an EAD unit (still waivering between encore and ovation as I plan to ovation 8 the unit soon)
although I have to say I get lured by the newer units that cost same price new (oulaw, sherwood, cary audio) have you had a chance to compare the sound of the EAD to others?
also how is it to control/integrate into your HT?

any comments would be appreciated.


A lot of similarity in system taste looks like. I had the Ovation 8, DVD Master 8000 Pro and a 6300 power amp with Aerial Acoustic 7B’s. Great sounding movie system and very good music. However in October of 2004 I sold all the EAD gear off and replaced it with what you are looking at. The McIntosh MX 119, MC 207 and the MVP 861. WOW!

Major jump right out of the box. Well when it comes to movie watching, the MVP is very good with pricy video cables and I mean pricy. I tried it with monster and various others but when I put the Cardas Neutral Reference cables on it became a reference video player that could compete with the much more expensive EAD DVD Master 8000 Pro.

Now when it comes to power the EAD can dish it out, but the McIntosh can do it even better, cleaner (way cooler with the little blue lights)and with far more detail and maybe just maybe = power (but I think it is far less fatiguing period!

The ovation 8 with the auto set-up program and the ability to dial the cross overs done just a bit more is cool but I it is old tech. The MX 119 is much more analog (not as bright and edgy) as the EAD and separation is just awesome!

Over all what you get with the McIntosh is this- far superior build quality, more resolution (be it HT or CD) detail, accurate mids- treble-highs, and a way cooler appearance (and that counts because when you site back to enjoy music eye appeal is very important).

Look at this also- EAD is not gained any ground in years in the US market, not to mention that they have had finical problems and are now under new management again.

Look at McIntosh’s stability and market presence, it speaks for it self! There other fine components out their and not that I have anything against EAD but once you go Mc you won’t go back.

P.S I like their equipment so much that I even bought their speakers LS 360's

Good luck and feel free to e mail me should you have any further questions
Thank you for your responses.The comparison that was made between the EAD and the MX-119 was exactly what I needed to hear.Thanks again for your excellent description.