McIntosh MX119

Does anyone out there have the McIntosh MX119 controller pre amp?
If so, what are your opinions and how is it with 2 channel analog?
What associated equipment are you using it with? i.e.; power amps, speakers, cd player, dvd player etc

Your feedback on this would appreciated.
I just saw it yesterday on thire website. I too am interested in know people's opinions on it. Anyone know the price? I have been looking for a "stripped down" pre/pro for a while.
Yes I got a quote for it yesterday- List $5,100.00

Price quote with sales tax to me was $5,000 total.
I am thinking of ordering the 7 channel amp also
The MX119 has 8 channel external in, unbalanced stereo inputs, phono input and one set of balanced stereo inputs that are all pure analog. These inputs bypass the processor and all volume controls for all eight channels are analog. NO digital volume controls.
In the Two Channel mode the front left and right speaker run full range. In the Stereo mode the sub out is active through a 80 Hz. analog crossover.
Any analog source can be processed through DPL-II, DTS-NEO:6, etc. if desired at 24/192 resolution.
Outputs are balanced on the front left, right and center. All other channels are unbalanced.
From my conversation with McIntosh just now, there IS volume control when inputting via the multi-channel analog inputs, but NO processing. The signal remains analog all the way through (aka: pass-through).

For all other analog inputs, it is the user's option to process the signal, or keep it analog for straight pass-through.

Correct me if I am wrong here.


The analog section of the MX119 is basically the same as the C45 ($3600) stereo pre amp.
If you feed an analog stereo or multichannel input it will stay analog in Stereo which is the two fronts + sub, or 2-Channel which is the two fronts no sub, or the External input which is used for SACD or DVD-A outputs of your universal DVD player. The TM-1 tuner pack and internal phono pre amps are also analog of course.


I just took from your earlier post that there was no volume control for the multichannel input. That is why I posted it.

Does the MX 119 convert an analog signal to digital so it can do the volume control? I thought I saw somewhere it had a digital volume control and wonder what that really means.
I have learned that it is a digital control over an analog volume. So for multi-channel and pure stereo direct, the signal is not converted to digital and back again.
Is there any way to get sacd stereo hi-res in zone B?
I heard the MX119 a few weeks ago along with the MC207. I cant discribe the sound other then by saying it was Marvolus in both stereo, surround,& movie soundtracks.It listed for $5500.00 at the dealers but i was able to buy it new open box on ebay for $4425. Im saving for the MC207 which I can get new opened box for $5250.
P.S. listen to the opening of the movie "SEA BICUIT" the thunder of galloping horses with the underling musical score is breath taking!GOOOOOO MAC
It's the best pre amp ive bought and ive been messing around with this stuff since 1957. My next pruchase is the MC207 7.1 200watt Amp. This thing made my B&W matrix 802's sing like never before damn its sweet.
I've had my MX-119 for about a year now. I run it with an MC-205 through Dunlavy SC3s and SC1s.

Likes: Flexibility, ease of use and setup, above average phono section.
Dislikes: Finiky remote, crowded rear panel, no hdmi or upgradability, phono not on par with other $5K setups.

Now that HD DVD (or Blueray) is out, I'm thinking of parting with this to get a preamp with more inputs and especially HDMI or DVI so I can really use the new stuff in my system.
Well I have had the MX119 and MC 207 amp now for 2 years and I would say that they have been a great addition to my system. I am also using the McIntosh LS 360 main speakers in bi-amp, but they are really power hungry so I bought a pair of MC 352. I have them set up in vertical bi-amp and wow!