Mcintosh MVP 851 or Classe CD/DVD 1

Hi. need to upgrade my dvd player.But don't know what to get. I have a stereo set up. My two front speaker is Martin logan driven by krell amp, and my proccessor is also krell. Can't decide what to get between the mcintosh or Classe. Which of the two dvd player is better in overall performance? Any info would help
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Never compared against the McIntosh, but I have the CD/DVD-1 player and have noticed a significant difference in CD timbre and soundstage over the Sony DVP-7700. The highs and mids are phenomenal. Everything comes through crystal clear. I have auditioned this player against the Mark Levinson 390S for quite some time as well and believe the Classe to be a better price performer than the ML. The sound the ML put out was excellent as was the Classe. The ML could be described as a little bit warmer (if you like that, and I do), but the Classe was that much more crisp, not metallicy, in overall tone. Because of the minimal differences in sound the Classe was my choice.

As for DVD playback, I cannot tell a difference in sound quality, but picture there seems to be a slight increase in sharpness and color that the Sony lacked.

Overall, I feel I have made a very good choice and I am very happy with the unit. If you want to get one cheaper than any US retailer I would contact my dealer in Vancouver British Colombia. I worked with a guy by the name of Gavin Byrne and he gave me $300 off of what you would get in the states plus shipping was included. If you decide to go with the Classe, you can reach Gavin at 604-688-5502.

Take care and good luck in your decision.