McIntosh MCD 201/ spec info

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide the technical specs on this CD player. The McIntosh site provides limited info.

Who provides the transport? (Sony, Philips, Nakamichi?)
What DAC and how many (one or two)?
Upsampling? is it 96kHz?

I am debating the purchase of this piece vs. a Cary 303/300.

for the best info on that player why not go straight to the horses mouth.

call mcintosh labs & talk to chuck hinton,all the info you need is in his head.
Thanks Bigjoe for the advice.
If you can`t get it by downloading the owners manual, where do you expect anyone to get it? Listen to Big Joe, & drop a dime.
I dont know the specs but would like to know ! Please update this thread with whatever you find.
What do you think about the MCD201 VS the krell sacd standart ?
I don't know the specs, but I have listened to it in an all Mac system. Very smooth and musical. But - the transport is noisy (too noisy for my room and listening position) and there have been problems reading some CD's. The later problem may be resolved with firmware updates. The noise may not bother you if you sit far enough away from the unit or place it in a cabinet. Otherwise it sounds very nice. I would buy it if it were not for the noisy transport.
You may want to ask this question over on the Mac forum at Audiokarma. I'm sure someone will respond with the info you are looking for.