Mcintosh MC402 and Totem speakers question

Hello all
Does anyone here pair Mcintosh with Totem speakers? I am currently pair my MC402 with B&W804s , the system sound good but few days ago I've heard a pair Totem model One with tube amp and really impress. I can't believe those tiny speakers can sound that good. Now i'm so curious how the Mcintosh gear sound with Totem? Does it worth for the change???
I had a pair of Hawks for a while with a McIntosh MC7200 and a CJ MV55. I also had a pair of 804s with the same amps. The Hawks were great at low volumes but they lost composure at higher levels and soundstaging fell apart quickly. These are not for you if you want dynamic range.

Then my neighbor got a pair of Forests, which would be more equivalent to a room with 804s. In his setup they were powered by a Cayin A70 tube integrated or a McIntosh MA6500. They frankly sounded better with the solid-state MA6500 - the bass was kept in better control. The Forests have quite a lot of output in the 40-50Hz range. Then he sold the Forests to another friend who used them with a Totem Amber solid-state 150W amp that was specifically designed for Totem speakers (but made by Simaudio). His room was larger - about 14x20 instead of 12x13. Here they couldn't fill the room well enough and just ended up sounding lean and bright, at least with that amp. He has since gotten larger speakers. So keep your room at the forefront of your mind when considering speakers.

Thanks Arthur. Seem like B&W 804s is better for me. I did some research about Totem yesterday. Many good reviews for Totem Forest & Mani-2s but i aslo see that not many of them pair with Mcintosh. Mostly they pair Totem with Conrad Johnson, Mark Levinson, VTL, Krell.
Yes and it work wonderful with Totem The One speakers.