Pass Labs 350 or MC402 ?

Hi, i need choise about this amps.
I have listened a MC402 but not a Pass.
Because in my country not exist this brand.
but i have a possibility for buy here.

Any comments ?
Any recommendations ?
PASS always Pass.
What Speakers?
Stick with what is sold in your country. If a problem develops.. You would have to send it far, far away to be fixed. And a Pass amp is a very heavy amplifier.
Just my opinion.. (My being always worried if something might go wrong.)
((Unless money is no object, IE you have plenty of money, and want to impress.. Then of the two, go for the Pass.))
Depends on what speakers. I own a Pass Labs X350.5 and it matches quite well with my speakers which are Apogee Duettas Signature Ultimates hand crafted by Rich Murry. I will be upgrading my amp to a pair of XA 160.5 mono blocks sometime next year. I would really listen to as many amps as you can with your brand and type of speaker before you buy. It is something you should be sure of. I am very impressed with the Pass amps but sometimes they do not match up with certian speakers. My friend owns a pair of B&W 802Ds and we auditioned them with my amp with his speakers and it did not work so well.