McIntosh MC275 / Audio Research VS-110

Has anyone compared these 2 amps together?

Have not had the pleasure. But could you go wrong with either amp.

It really depends on your system and loudspeaker and what your trying to achieve sonically.


Spin the Yellowjackets.
I own MC 275 IV and ARC VT 100 and I use the Mac because it has attenuators so I can use it with no preamp with vinyl and sound it much better. ARC is very good if you use digital source. Mac is very reliable, built like a tank, wonderful refined sound all over the spectrum. ARC is more dynamic and less refined. To be used with balanced connections for better results.
Owned both and prefer the mc275 for better bass control and lower noise.
I've heard both though not in the same system. Both are great but the MC275 is a legend - and rightly so. It has withstood nearly 50 years of scrutiny which says everything about its sound quality. I am very impressed every time I hear one. If I didn't already have a MC240, I'd have a MC275.

Does the current 275 sound more or less like the original?
are balanced better sound than single ended? regarding the mc 275.
In my two channel, I use balanced interconnects throughout. I checked with other more experienced MC275 owners and that is what most of them use and recommend.
Using the Mc275 balanced input bypasses the input/phase inverter 12ax7 tube. There will be less noise and distortion (not that I could hear any with my MC275 MKV).