McIntosh MC207

Hi all.  Long time reader first time poster :-)  I just bought a MC207 store demo from Magnolia and am looking to build a home theater around it.  I will mostly be watching movies on this setup but will do some music listening as well.  I'm considering a McIntosh MX122 to pair it with, but would welcome any other opinions from the brain trust here.  Am also considering a Maratz AV8805.  Greatly appreciate any guidance.  Thanks in advance!!!
Unless you’re not all about McIntosh ’appearance’ in your theater, my vote goes to Marantz AV8805. They are on the forefront of cutting edge technology when it comes to latest audio codec’s and sound quality.
Both have Audyssey speakers calibration : not the best according to what I have read.
Dirac Live is supposed to be much better.
McIntosh MX160  has’´  Room Perfect ´´ speakers  calibration .

If music is important , take a look at Audiocontrol  processors.
It is not  easy to make a choice in this segment of the market.
And everything gets obsolete quite fast.
I have Acurus ACT4  20 channels. Room calibration is supposed to 
be availlable in a near futur. It is a must.
Speakers: want/need sub(s)?

Keep in mind, if using Sub(s) for home theater, when using 2 channel mode, if Sub(s) are not on, you want to make sure all the bass gets to the front mains. It can be tricky, read the manuals, options, ask, 
I use a MX122 with a MC207, this system replaced a Krell HTS 7.1 and Krell TAS. I only used the HTS 7.1 as a volume control, all HT processing was done by an Oppo UDP-205. Results with both systems were excellent IMHO. But the McIntosh equipment just looks beautiful to me. Unfortunately I spent little time with the McIntosh system as we relocated and everything is currently in storage. One thought I had is front speakers are B&W 802D, that can be bi-amped. I plan to do just this when I eventually re-assemble my HT system. The system will remain a 5.1 configuration and the extra 2 channels on the MC207 will be used to bi-amp the 802D speakers. To facilitate this I purchased 2 XLR Y splitter cables from Blue Jeans cables. Everything is ready to go, just need to buy the house.