Mcintosh MC-2205, Bryston 4B-ST, or Marsh a400

Hey. I have $1000 to spend on an amplifier. Im running 2 Definitive Technology BP7004's which are pretty efficient, rated at 91Db. Ive heard about Mcintosh and Definitive being magic together but I would like to explore my other options. Im looking for a very musical sound but I also want a lot of punch, dynamics, and control. All the amps are rated from 200 watts per channel to 250 watts per channel. My room is small, about 12' x 12'. If I get Mcintosh, I will get a Mcintosh preamp. If I go Marsh I will get a Marsh preamp. If I go Bryston, I will get a Bryston preamp. Let me know what will suite my tastes the best.

Thanks! :D
Hard to say what YOU will like best but the McIntosh 2205 is 25 years older than the others you listed. That may not be a problem per se but devices have advanced since the 70s. I preferred my MC7200 over my buddy's 4B (he did too) but the 7200 is a great amp. The MC2002 got a better review in Audio magazine than the 2205 and you may find one of those for $1k. The Mc will be more musical than the 4B at any rate, IMO. Don't know Marsh at all. Good luck! Arthur
Lil sluggo, I use the Bryston 4Bst in my system and it has everything that you are asking for..lots of punch, dynamics, and control, with great lowend. The Marsh or Mac might be a good choice also, but I cant comment on their sound,(never auditioned them). The post before mine mentioned that he and his freind preferred the Mac MC7200 over the 4B. Both of these amps were produced in the early 90's; with the 4Bst debut in the late 90's. The two Brystons are different sounding amps. You can find a used 4Bst for $1000-1300, and the remaining 20 year warranty from its manufacturing date is transferable.

What ever amp you do decide on, you should keep a open mind about using a different companys preamp if you have the choice. I had a demo Bryston Bp-25 to try for a weekend a few years ago; it sounded nice , but the tubed preamp that I had at the time,created a warmth that the Bryston lacked. I have used 4 different preamps with the 4Bst and stopped at the Cary Slp 98. The Cary- Bryston combo sounds fantastic...IMHO. Good luck with your decisions.
You may need a couple hundred more for a 4B-ST lightly used.
I'm using a conrad-johnson PF-1 preamp with a 3B-ST. I really was not moved by the Bryston preamp-amp combo. Some folks claim the Bryston amps to be bright, but not to my ears.