Mcintosh MA6600 vs Luxman 507u

Speakers are Sonus Faber GP Domus.
List price is comparable. I heard the MA6600-very nice although a hair thin on mid range detail. Anyone have 507u knowledge?
I use to own a Luxman L-507U.Best Sounding Int amp i have ever owned.But i sold it on Audigon.The person who purchased my Luxman L-507u was running a McIntosh MA6600.She told me the Luxman L-507U SMOKED the McIntosh MA6600.
why did you sell your luxman and can I ask what you sold it for?
On my side, I've just sold my Luxman L-505u to go higher in the range of Luxman class A.

I you are a vinyl lover, the phono stage of the Luxman is excellent and will accomode both MM and MC. Plus, the tone control buttons are precise.

It is incredible the reserve of power I had with my L-505u. I never past the 9 o'clock on the volume knob even for high volume listening. The sound of the amplifier is natural, coherent, massive and dynamic. Bass are sublime.

I also heard a L-509u at Montreal's last SSI. I found the same characteristics as the family with a better sense of refinement.
I know that many quality amps can sing when they are pushed. At lower volumes, say around 4oclock, did you still hear the same?
you really cant compare the 507u with the mcintosh integrates.
The Lux are much more refine & musical compare to the Mcintosh. I'v heard both on numerous systems & occasions & I'lltake the Lux any day.
Concerning the "4 o'clock" position on the volume knob, I think that we are talking that the knob is lower than 9 o'clock (8,7 or 6 o'clock, if your amplifier's knob goes there).

I can tell you that the Luxman gain/knob were enjoyable to use. They go smoothly and the sound is superb even at low volume. I must say that the speakers are there for something. I have a pair of Harbeth SHL5 which excels even at low volume.

Plus, there is the "bass phenomenon". You lost bass when the volume is lower. Luxman and Macintosh will both be great for this since they have their tone control. In my opinion, they are a plus on every amplifier. You can also use them for room correction.
Even L-505u outperforms McIntosh MA6600 in coherence and midrange resolution. So, I do believe a L-507u "smokes" a McIntosh MA6600.
I love that: "smoked." Is that supposed to be meaningful? It just sounds cheesy to me. So much so in fact that it puts into question the comments altogether.

We've heard the MA6600 twice now and we think it is fantastic. It was most impressive, making beautiful music in a huge, spacious soundstage both times. We couldn't stop listening.

We prefer to listen to music rather than detail, but everyone is different.

Haven't heard the Luxmans yet but will soon. I would love to A/B one of them with the 6600 but alas, finding a dealer that carries both and has both in stock is just about impossible.

Having the MA6600 I must say I really love it. Both the Luxman and Accuphase were on my short list. But could not find a dealer to audition them. After a certain level in my experience I have yet to come across anything that "smoked" anything near the level of McIntosh. More a question of shades and flavors. So that Luxman must really really be special. Please post your results should you get a chance to compare both.

I recently just went through this exact same exercise between these same two integrated’s and in my case I went with the McIntosh. Anyone who suggests that one “smokes” the other really has not properly auditioned both of these fine components.

There is much to like about the Luxman, it is beautifully finished, has a terrific onboard phono section and an extremely wide soundstage with great imaging and well controlled dynamics. I don’t see how anyone could buy one and be unhappy with the decision.

Why did I buy the McIntosh instead ? You can listen to a number of upper end integrated amplifiers and there is one thing that the McIntosh brings to the table that is unique to the brand. That is the remarkable depth of the soundstage. The Luxman in contrast has an incredibly wide soundstage that can literally make your speakers disappear and sound much larger than they are all at the same time. However the McIntosh has this incredible depth that can literally hang instruments out in front of you in a way that is almost eerie. The soundstage may not be the widest, but it is certainly the deepest and I found that added a new very enjoyably dynamic to my listening. However depending on your room and the type of listening you do, this may or may not work for you.

The other aspects that appealed to me is that you can add a tuner into the 6600 (not a valuable feature for everyone but valuable to me) and you can be guaranteed strong resale value should you decide to go in another direction. I have already come across used 507u’s for significantly less then you will find a used MA6600. I know because I wouldn’t mind picking up a used 507u to use in another system as I do think very highly of the Luxman.

They are both very good products and I cannot see being unhappy with either of them. Best of luck.
I also went through a similar process with the Luxman L-507ux  and the McIntosh MAC 6600 receiver. (They no longer sell the integrated amp in the US market.) 

 I kinda wanted the Mac but I have a nice turntable set up and I was disappointed with the phono section demonstration of the Mac at the dealer. I think I would not have been completely happy with it because of that. One other factor was that the Mac is huge and would not fit into my cabinet. So more money to spend. So it was kind of a combination of price, size, and the phono section that made me decide to give the Lux a chance.  I was originally going to buy new but after calling the distributor for Luxman I found that it was now in limbo and I could not find a new Luxman L-507ux in the states. So I did a search for a used one and there was one on Audiogon. I also found a used MC6600 which was only $400.00 more so I could have had either one.  Because of the new features with the ux version and the reviews of the unit and its phono stage, I took a leap of faith based on reviews I had read and bought the Luxman with out having heard it first. I was hoping the reviews were correct. (If not I was willing to re-sell it.) But did not know when I would get another chance to buy one with the distribution being in limbo.

The ux version of the Luxman 507 is said to be enough better than the u version that Luxman has decided to drop the top model 509.  The L-507ux  has a new discrete volume control, and 3 parallel push pull  Bipolar transistor pairs  where the u version only had 2 pair.  

The verdict.
I am very happy with this integrated amp and  my system sounds very good with all of my sources. The better the source material the better it sounds. I believe Windriver is probably correct about the imaging differences between the 2 amps. Although the ux is said to image better than the u version. Also the Mac seamed to have a softer (not less detailed) top end which I really liked. I still think I could live with either one but I have lived with this Lux for a couple months now  and I am very happy with it. I am glad I got this gem. My search for an integrated amp is over. 

I hope Luxman gets it together and does well here in the US as I believe it is manufacturing a very good product at a reasonable price and competition is always good for the consumer.