McIntosh MA252 integrated hybrid amp

I need advised on Mac MA252 amp+ pre in one.I have a pairs of B&W 805 N current matches of my Parasound A21 amp + Parasound preamp and sound is very I want to upgrade to Mac MA252 integrated amp+preamp combo.My question is did anyone tried MA252 with B&W 805n yet.? How was sounding? Is this a good upgrade or I should stay with my Parasound  A21?Thank you in advance for any help from audio forum.
The Mac MA252 has gotten rave reviews, not only by the reviewers, but by everyday people like us who actually bought it.  I have never heard that amp but I do own 6 McIntosh components and I wouldn't buy anything else now.
Did anyone have try McIntosh MA252 and I need some helpful opinions? How was sound...etc.
You can read users posts on this amp in the McIntosh area of Audio Aficionado.  A  few of the members have one or heard it and give their thoughts.
Thank you stereo5.I have seen many comments on Ma252 are the best man.