Mcintosh Integrated Amp MA7200 MM input question

Hi all,

I’ve been a long time visitor of this page but finally decided to post a question after I’ve scoured the forum for answer.

I have a Mcintosh MA7200 integrated amp and I would like to use an external tube pre amp. I understand that I will have to remove the jumper cables on the rear panel connecting the pre amp to the PWR AMP and then connect the pre amp output to the PWR AMP input on the Mcintosh.

Does that mean that my MM phono input on the integrated amp would be useless? In other words, do I now have to connect my TT to an external phono pre amp , then to the tube preamp then to the Mcintosh?

Any comments is appreciated!
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You can run an IC from the Mac preamp to an AUX input on tube preamp. 
How do I do that? Mine is an integrated amp.
When you remove the jumper from the preamp section of the mac it will be a separate preamp. You said you want to use the amp section of the mac to use with an external tube preamp. You can hook up the mac preamp into an AUX input to the tube preamp and use the phono input on the mac.  Is this clear now?
Pardon me if this sounds dumb but would two preamp stages be too much in this case? Would it cause noise and distortion? 

I looked at the manual again and the Mc has “output 2” that sends signals to an external preamp. Not sure if I read that right. 

 So if I connect the TT to the phono of the Mc, and then from the output 2 connect to the tube pre amp, and then back to the Mc, would that work? 

Thanks yogiboy ! 
You want to keep the amp section separate from the preamp section. You can try what I said. If it does not sound good then you will have to get a phono preamp for the tube preamp that you want to use. The only way to find out is to give it a try. BTW, I just looked at the manual on line. The output 2 is for a second amp!
I called my local distributor and was told that once the jumpers are removed, the MA7200 can only be used as a power amp OR pre amp but not both separately and the phono on the MA7200 would not work either. He doesn’t sound very sure though. Nonetheless I’m emailing Mcintosh to verify. 

Speaking of the Output 2 , I’ve successfully hooked up an active sub to it for movies. 
Output two is for a second amp. A powered subwoofer is the same as using a second amp. If you want to verify this just remove the jumpers on the amp and preamp and see if the subwoofer still operates. If it does then you can use it as a second preamp.
Well, before I could try, the guys at Mcintosh confirmed that once the jumper is pulled, the phono would not work so I’ll need an external phono stage.