McIntosh C35 opinions?

I use a C35 with a MC2155, partly because I like the convenience of the remote. I believe it sounds great, but I have seen practically no comments on this particular preamp. It almost seems like it isn't worth mentioning. Is there anyone with first hand experience who could comment/compare to C33, etc?
I haven't owned a C35, but have owned the C31V and C37. The C31V is more similar to yours, and my own personal opinion was that I disliked the digital volume control, which was noisy, but everything else was ok. The C37 is a better unit, but rare too. It added electromagnetic switching, and a motorized volume control, which made noises too. I liked them because they were a simple design compared to other Mac pre's, especially the C33, which I have also owned.
The C33 has too much baggage to suit me, especially if you're not into vinyl. Do you really need a compander, record circuits, an extra 20 watt amplifier, etc? Your C35 is a better sounding unit, in my opinion. I still miss my C37 at times, and wish I'd never sold it. I have the newer stuff now, a C46 and C48, so there's no comparison with what you're talking about. Also a lot more bucks involved.
I also had a MC2155 many years ago, and a 2205 and 2255. But my favorite, and still current amp is the MC7200. That one's a great experience!
The reason you probably haven't seen many comments on your model is that I'm not sure how popular those 3 mntioned models were at the time. I also thought their retro looks were nice compared to what else Mac was offering at the same time.
Bottom line, if you're happy with what you have, stick with them. I doubt you'd find the C33 much to your liking, especially if you like a remote.
Thank you, Sid, for your informative response! Haven't noticed any volume control noise, but since I am new to this hobby/obsession, I may be ignorant as to exactly what you mean. Volume did get stuck a few weeks ago, and tried some Deoxyspray stuff, but had to have it fixed and serviced anyway. Works fine now.
You now have me seriously considering trying to track down an MC7200. After some research, I thought the MC2155 would suit my needs, and I picked up a nice one at a fair price which sounded great with the seller's setup. With my setup it seems to be somewhat disappointing. A Carver TFM35 actually seemed to sound a bit better. Don't know if it's slightly underpowered, I should have it serviced, or I should just go for an MC7200 and be done with it.
As far as the volume control noise I mentioned, I probably should've been a bit more specific. Your model and the C31V have the digital control and I could hear it "clicking" every time I raised or lowered the volume with the remote. That annoyed me.
The problem I have with many of the older Mac amps is that they have the autoformers, including your 2155, and to me the bass is not as tight as I would like it to be. I can't speak for the newer amps, because I found the 7200 so satisfying, I saw no need to look further. The 7200, as you may or may not know, is direct coupled and puts out 200 wpc @ 8 ohms/300 wpc @ 4 ohms. The sound is tight and not dull, clear highs and I see no reason to spend a lot of bucks on something that may not be as satisfying as what I have. 7200's can be had for anywhere from $1200-$1500. I added the 17.5" wide face to mine, with the newer tapered end caps, so it looks like the current models, and matches my preamps.
Thanks again! Yes, the digital control does "click" a bit when manually adjusting, but don't hear anything when I use remote, which I mostly do. It doesn't bother me, other than I would prefer a knob to buttons. Seems more precise, a more satisfying tactile experience, and more appealing aesthetically to me.
You nailed it on the amp. A little "tighter sound, and clearer highs." Considering you like the Macs too, and your wealth of experience and knowledge, I believe I'm sold on the 7200, even without an audition. Now to track one down...perhaps you should unload that old thing-joking.
Along with your help, I'm narrowing things down and attaining a more clear and precise end in mind. OK, thinking replacing old Infinities with B&W's, but that's a whole other thing. (: Thanks again.
C35 is nice preamp good spec's and sounds great. I feel it is very over looked by the main stream Mac guys it still performs right up there with the new stuff. you may here some faint clicking when raising or lowering the volume, but you only hear it at the preamp not through your speakers, can't imagine how that would drive some one crazy unless there still not over the joys of a remote control. The 7200 is a very bright and fast amp the bass isn't really any tighter it's actually lacking bottom end decay (presence if you will) which some people prefer, but at the same time I think most would prefer an auto former amp. Just let your ears do the talking for you. Cheers,