mcintosh and b.a.t.

hi all. curious, anyone have an opinion or experience with mixing product lines as in amp and pre amp? i'm looking for more power, i have a b.a.t. tube pre amp, and ss power amp rated at 150w pc. i'm lookin for more power, thinking of going with a mac 250 or 400wpc amp linking it with the bat pre. is this a bad thing?
Its a good thing,,though BAT is as strong as Mac and the synergy is at least as good if not better together.Pick a speaker and then your amp for that synergy combo also.Good luck,Bob

I'd second Bobs input.

of the two lines I like the SS amps each maker has produced. Favs there are the MC602 and the BAT VK500 w/BAT pk. Although each provides different levels of power out, their overall voicing is similar. Naturally, the vk500 would be less expensive now as it is no longer current prod.

the MC 402 is right in there between them and has very good power making speaker choices vastly less problematic and of course, is a current prod model.

Simply ensure you run 'em XLR.
I've been using a BAT VK-31SE tubed pre with a Mac MC402 for the past 3 years with excellent results. As Blindjim mentioned, make sure you use balanced ICs with any BAT electronics