McCormack SMC Audio Upgrades

I am considering purchasing an older DNA 0.5 or DNA 1 and having it upgraded by Steve McCormack. Is there anyone out there that has had experience with the upgrades and would like to share their thoughts? I am particularly interested in the sonic differences between Rev A and Rev B. I would also like to know if anyone has upgraded their TLC and the effect that it has had. Thanks in advance for the wisdom.
It's nice to be able to start this thread off fresh. I just received my DNA-1 Deluxe back from SMc Audio yesterday after having the new Revision A Gold upgrade done. To the best of my knowledge, mine is the second amp to have this upgrade. Steve has told me that it is going to take a while to break in, but I can tell already that this amp is incredible. I can't stop listening to it. My wife(who I'm trying to turn into an audiophile) even commented that instead of feeling like she's listening to music, she feels like a picture is being painted in front of her. You really do get the sense that the music is just there. In addition to the normal Rev A upgrade, the Gold included a Plitron Transformer, Black Gate Output Bypass Caps, WBT RCA Input Jacks, Soft Recovery Diode Bridge, Cardas Deluxe Binding Posts (2nd pair), and Musicoat Component Treatment. An option of balance inputs was available, but I did not have this done since my preamp doesn't have balanced outputs and I don't plan on replacing it. The amp was sent back to me in a crate and was in perfect condition. Besides being totally happy with the upgrade even at this stage, I can't speak highly enough about both Steve McCormack and Kris Jeter of SMc Audio. They were great to deal with and extremely helpful. I did this level of upgrade based on my trust in them and have not been disappointed. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it.
You can buy the new DNA 125 for less money than the .5 and it comes with all the upgrades.
Schroeder; How do you know that the DNA-125 contains all of the Revision A upgrades? What was your source of this information? Thanks. Craig.
Schroeder,From my conversations with SMc Audio, I don't believe you are correct.
Garfish and Kleiman are correct...
I suspect they are correct also. The all-inclusive "all" should not have appeared in my post. My apologies. I recently purchased a DNA-1 that died during shipping. After many phone calls to Stereo Exchange, NY, NY., McCormack in VA and Steve McCormack in CA I ended up with a DNA 225 that I adore. During our conversations phrases like "all the changes that Steve wanted to put in years ago are now in the DNA 125, 225", "if you spend the extra money now for the 225 you'll have all the upgrades for less money than upgrading a DNA 1 and more power" were used several times. No one told me specifically that the A, B, & C upgrades were included in the 225. I was offered a nice discount on the 225 to off set my frustration at receiving a dead DNA 1 and Steve McCormack did advise me to take the 225 instead of another DNA 1 and sending it to him for the A upgrade. More bang for the buck concept I believe. I see on the web that some are now saying the 225 is equal to the B upgrade. Regardless of where it stands in "Golden Ear Heirarchy" of DNA amps, I think the 225 is awesome. Regards, Schroeder in Atlanta
Thanks Schroeder, that's some really good info. on McCormack amps, and I've been curious about the new 125 and 225, and how they compare to the older upgraded models-- but haven't heard them. I've been a McCormack amp fan for years. Cheers. Craig.