Mc352, C2200 drive SFGP Home or B&W N803

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions/experiences.
We need to decide w/in 2 days to purchase the GPH if that's the way to go. Or should we wait for the N803?
We like female vocals, jazz and classicals.

Again, your opinions will be greatly appreciated.
the grand pianos are a perfect set of speakers for your mac combo.

I vote for the N803 being a biased N803 owner.


I assume you can only buy one or the other at one time and perhaps can't audition them in advance. There is absolutely no way you can tell which you will like better without hearing them in your system. If you go with one, in the back of your head, you will probably keep wondering what the other sounded like. I can only tell you that MAC gear will mate very nicely with either one it's just a matter of what you like. I vote to buy one brand here used, live with it for a few months, sell it here, and then try the other brand again buying here used. If you like the first pair better, sell the second and buy another pair of the first again or if you like the second pair better, just keep it. I guarantee whichever you decide to keep, that won't be your last pair of speakers. The worst it will cost you is shipping as you won't lose money on either pair being them here used. Keep in mind that this hobby is a continual journey that will last a lifetime, so that you don't need to be in a hurry to find the "perfect" match, the fun part of this hobby is the journey. Good luck,

Thanks Mike/Michael/Jaybo for your input. As you can see, I still have not made the decision yet. Here is my problem, I have the oppty to purchase the sfgph at a very good price W/WARRANTY. But my wife and I are familiar and like the B&W sounds, as we owned N802 previously, had to sell it due to relocation. I believe that the N803 is a touch superior compared to the gp, but it is worth the 50% increase in price.

I replaced my Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers (original version) with the SF Grand Piano Domus Speakers. I am using the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amplifier (200wpc) and the McIntosh MCD205 CD Player. I immediately noticed a difference since the Domus Speakers are more dynamic and open. The imaging is excellent and I was surprised at the amount of bass. Once the system was broken in, my friends said they were surprised at how good the system sounded. These speakers require high power to sound good since my previous amp was the BOW Wazoo Integrated at 50wpc. In my opinion, the SF GP Domus Speakers are excellent and I believe you will enjoy them more over time. I am now trying to decide if the McIntosh C2200 Vacuum tube stereo preamplifier and the MC 252 power amp separates are going to sound better than my McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp. The C2200 with the MC252 should be more detailed and smoother than the MA6900 because the MC252 amp has a bigger power supply, and the preamp has a much better volume control circuit.