MC Upgrade for Pro-Ject Debut III

I just purchased a lovely Pro-Ject Debut III on Audiogon and was wondering what folks might recommend for a MC cartridge upgrade.

At home, I have a Nottingham Horizon with a Dynavector 20x low output cartridge. Should I get the same thing for the Pro-Ject? Seems unlikely but...

I'm open to suggestions...thanks!

Hi, Jon,

I run an Audio-Technica AT33PTG LOMC cartridge on a mmf-7 turntable and it sounds very good, even in comparison with a DV-20XL, which is on the other mmf-7. For about half the cost you'll have a great upgrade for the Debut III.

The one caution about the 33PTG is that it won't be covered under a U.S.A. warranty and any problems with it will have to be covered by AudioCubes. They've been fairly good about service when I've worked with them. It's unfortunate that Audio-Technica doesn't market the 33PTG in the U.S.A., it's a great value.

i like the Audio-Technica OC9 Cartridge very much
Thanks for the recommendations!
I have an AT-33 ptg in the shop ( I hope ).I bought one direct from Japan thru the internet. A careless adjustment and the arm jumped out of the rest and the cartridge struck the corner edge of the platter. At that point the cantilever looked bent but a closer look revealed it had gotten out of alignment in the suspension and the cantilever was straight. Attempting to re-align the cantilever and it come completely out and was hanging by the thinnest wires I have ever seen.I put the cartridge away for dead and bought a 150mlx (not quite as good).
Well a year went by and I stumbled across the original sellers web sight and they stated to send it back to them and they would send it to AT for warranty.I emailed them and they said send it back so I did.That was the first week of feb. So far they have only told me that AT has it and they are waiting.
So the story is there may be support from AT.That would be a great outcome.
BTW mine is the 2.9 wood and the AT-33 PTG sounded very good