Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Vs PSB Alpha P5

Hello All,

I am helping a colleague build a new system. Based on his requirements I am suggesting him to go with the NAD D 3045, since he needs to connect his turntable and TV to the amplifier and also needs streaming audio.

I have shortlisted a few loudspeakers and am thinking of suggesting the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 or the PSB Alpha P5. Has anyone compared these 2 speakers? What are your thoughts? I have heard "an" Elac bookshelf monitor that Andrew Jones demoed a the AXPONA 2017 and it was pretty musical. But have no idea on these newer models.

The other speakers I was thinking are - Wharefedale Diamond 12.2, Monitor Audio Bronze 50 and the Klipsch Reference RP-500M. His budget is about $700.



There are many very pleasing standmount speakers at or under that budget. Beyond the fact that the speakers mentioned sound quite different, one needs to consider the power requirements of the speaker and the room size.  I am thinking the Elac may require the most and Klipsch the least power. I know I would prefer the sound of the Elac. The Klipsch tend to be more harsh leading to fatigue. The Elac and the PSB lean towards the warm side. PSB and NAD are known to mate well.  

Sorry, I am rambling. 

@mesch, Thank you for the feedback. This is what I am looking for. Want to make sure my bias is not in play. I am leaning towards these 2 speakers since they are well within the budget and are favorably reviewed by the users. I will also keep my eyes open for used Totem monitors. The only issue is that these require more power. But the good thing I found out over lunch was my colleague is not too focused on TV and is open to traditional integrated amps Vs the NAD I was thinking of suggesting. So that opens more avenues to choose from - both used and new.

@milpai  Yes use of a more traditional integrated open up possibilities, speaker wise and opportunities for a higher wattage integrated. Problem with stand mounts is that many of the best ones at reasonable prices do drop below 4ohms in the bass region thus the demand for power.  That said it is amazing how good many of them sound. Much comes down to the warmth factor as relates to the room.

I enjoy the Elac 5.2 series Fs, C, Bs in my small tv room with a sub. I've also listened to the B5.2s and F5.2s in my audio room and they are quite acceptable although I do prefer the Raidho D2s. I think 50 or so good integrated watts should be fine with those type speakers (although more tends to be better...).

PSBs always seem to be good in their class. Klipsch are too shouty and fatiguing in my book. I've thought Monitor a bit lean compared to others. At lower volumes Totem bass would be more enjoyable (if you don't have an adjustable bass/loudness for low levels.

@musicaddict Thank You for the recommendation. I sent him the list this afternoon and hopefully it gives my colleagues something to think about and consider. I do have the Elacs and PSBs and recommended the NAD C 338. There are other integrated amps that I added, so that he can research and choose what best might suite his situation.

I have to agree with you - but the Monitor auditions that I did during the shows were "lacking". Honestly I don't blame the speakers - but the "space" where they were being demoed. Hundreds of people cannot be wrong. But unfortunately that demo was lackluster for me and I did not consider them further. I would have loved to jump on a pair of used Totem Rainmaker for my colleague, but see 2 issues. First one is - a decent used pair is hard to come by. They are that popular. The second issue is that you need very good ancillary equipment so that they shine. Also, I am not sure if they will sound good at low volumes. But you are right - Totem monitors sound amazing.