MC Step-ups made from Vintage Input Transformers

Category: Analog

Hello all,
I am looking for input regarding the use and application of these rare and expensive vintage input transformers used as MC Step-ups like the Altec 4722, Peerless K241D or 4665, UTC HA-100, Triad HS-1 or the Holy Grail of them all, the Western Electric 618B and of coarse there are others.

What are you fellows using out there and what do you feel are they advantages over modern step-ups? Do they impart their own flavor or is it all just more Audio foolery?

thanks in advance for your comments,
Diamond Jim
I would experiment with old transformers if I had them on hand, or they were inexpensive to aquire in some instance. But I cannot think that really old iron will outperform purpose made MC stepups of modern manufacture of quality, if the prices are comparable. I suppose that someone got ahold of some old iron cheap and made successful cool looking setups for MC stepups, but maybe they are not worth paying a premium for unless you are a cultist or want bragging rights or someething, like look, my xfmrs are real WE, not Lundahls. And old xfmrs were not necessarily designed for wide frequency responses either. But if I had some xfmr pulls from old eqt. or NOS that I thought would work, might go ahead and try it on the cheap.