Power transformers and power conditioners

In Europe, the mains A/C is 220-240V. To use US 110-120V audio components, you need a step down transformer.

Is is better to use a 240V to 110V step down transformer into a 110V power conditioner (e.g. Shunyata) and plug a 110V CD player into that;


Is it better to use a 240V power condioner into a step down transformer, followed by the CD player.

Should it make any difference?
Depending on the step down transformer you use; it will probably take care of the "conditioning" by itself. In most of them the transformer will be powering your gear, not the outside power.

This is basically what power regenerators do, except at the same voltage.
Thanks sugarbrie. Any suggestions for a good transformer that would be on a par with a regenerator?