MC Cartridges which fit rega arm.

I have rega turntable with rega elys2 cartridge, but I would like to upgrade cartridge without using 2mm or 4 mm shims. Can you recommend good MC cartridge( or MM will be fine) which fits rega arm without using shims? Thanks.
Don't let Roy Gandy limit your choice of cartridges! There are a number of aftermarket products that let you adjust VTA on Rega arms:

Origin Live
Pete Riggle
Sound Supports

I've used the Michell sleeve and it works very well. In terms of cartridge recommendations, you need to tell us your budget (new or used?) and what phono stage you'll be using.
I got fantastic result with Denon DL 304 on the Michell Tonearm (kinda super Rega 250)
You can always stay with Rega--

Rega Apheta (if you want to spend a larger sum of money)

Rega Exact

Both of these will be upgrades over your current Elys.

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