MC cartridges for Linn lp12/Naim Aro combo

Let's start this by saying I am an idiot. I moved my tt about 10 ft to set up the Christmas tree and didn't secure the tonearm. The arm bounced and my old suprex cartridge is damaged. So I need a new cartridge for my Linn/Naim combo. I keep reading about the Naim not being adjustable for over hang etc. I need a reasonably priced (under $1k, prefer under $500) cartridge. The phono pre is a naim (k?) built into the tt. It has provided sufficient gain for the suprex and for a koetsu that came with the table (no longer useable). I should send in the Koetsu for retip, but that won't happen in the near future.

I looked at the Zu/Denon but it weighs 14 gms and the Aro specs say 5.5 to 12 gms. Some threads say the Lyra and some Dynavectors are the right dimensions for the arm, but I don't know if it applies the the lower price models. I am a novice at trying to do this myself, but willing to try.

Any advice given is apppreciated.

Take a look at the Audio Technica 33 that is selling on ebay for about $360. I may get one of those myself as I had a basement flood and my Denon 304 was damaged in moving it out. The Supex is worth retiping also, I use to sell them years ago, they were designed by the designer of the Koetsu.