Denon Cartridges ?

I hear people raving about these cartridges and am thinking of trying one. I need high output, so I am looking at the DL 160. This will be used on a Well Tempered Super w/reference arm and possibly also the Spacedeck and modified ARXA as well. Am I nuts to expect this thing to please me? I normally would be spending much more. I don't doubt that it is a great $200. cartridge, but, how will I find it compared to the more expensive stuff. I am used to the Dynavector 10X4 Gold, Shure Ultra 500, and, Grado Master. The Dyna is my favorite among these. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or input.
It's a cut below the units mentioned. The low-output 103 series is where the magic lives.
I purchased a Denon DL 160 a few years ago to replace the original mc Sony cartridge on my Sony linear tracker. Set up was straight forward and simple. I was very pleased with its sound quality, and I feel a good value for a mc cartridge. Because I have the audiophile bug like everone else here, I recently upgraded to a Benz Glider medium output. The Benz has a far better overall sound stage, but it also costs $600.00 more than the 160. I keep the 160 for a spare/backup. Good luck with your hunt!