mbl amp stands--

looking for some suggestions for a good amp stand for my mbl amps(9008-132lbs each).
Audio Points makes an well built stand. I have my Edge NL10 firmly sitting on the SP-101. Here's additional info.

thank you ,rubinken .
i'll check them out.
Timbernation.com. This carpenter has an auction going on now. His stuff looks good. Will build to order.
Funny, I had the same question about my 9008A amps but made the decision to go with the SP-101's without having seen this thread. I'm going to use another pair of SP-101's for the 101E speakers as well.
I am using the Symposium Acoutics Ultra amp stands they fit my 9008's like a glove and do work wonderfully!!
Check out the MBL website and look at the display pics for Coherence Audio (Singapore)....The amp stands are Thick acrylic with solid stainless supports....Looks fabulous...

Not linked to them but have seen the quality and they are stackable...Hope it helps...
thanks, all.
i ended up getting a 4" black maple stand by timbernation. works and looks great!!!!