Maximum Indifference Must Hear

Go to the website Maximum, click on the Evidence tab and check out the full-length downloads (esp. Kuang Grade Mark)

If you can find the Self-Titled CD or Transmutations Of Supposed Angels, do yourself a favor, BUY IT
(there's two live video clips on YouTube worth watching as well)

In all my endless hours searching for awe-inspiring, technical improvisation music, the search has nearly ended here, with the discovery of this
San Fransisco based trio POWERHOUSE.

I'm pretty much a free-style, cross-culture jazz and classic rock listener, so keep this thought in mind.

Maximum Indifference has pushed the playing ability to the bleeding edge, you will hear Rush (on steroids, mind you) because these guys like and respect them very much, it's in their bio.

Just listen (try) to the drummer, you'll NEVER catch him.

They deserve MUCH more recognition and would steal the show at any opening or closing event, if they're ever booked near my area, I'm goin.

Great to listen while driving or at home, just be careful with the volume and speakers, you'll want to crank it.

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Good luck finding Transmutations Of Supposed Angels on CD.

I bought the last new outta print yesterday at from somewhere in France.

There's a used one remaining or you can download in MP3 like I did till you find it.

Their self-titled is still available.
Nice catch, and plaudits to Rx8man! I wish more people pointed out good/interesting/worth-a-look but largely unheralded music/acts on this site.

Interesting group. I just listened to the tracks offered on the website. The influence of Rush is obvious (perhaps at times, a bit too obvious) but they have their own way, which is nice. You track you mentioned might be the pick of the 6. There is a cool video clip of a bass solo from their self-titled album here.
Thanks T_bone

You're right, way too many talented bands get "passed-off" and sent to "forgotten" land, then when you discover them, their outta print.

I seek improvisation, something unpredictable, keeps your interest, makes you want to listen all the way through.
I will check them out tonight--will post a reply in a couple of days! Thanks for the new music suggestion--I dig it when someone suggests something new and it turns out to be a keeper!