Match made or not

In the near future I plan to make my next purchase a Plinius 9200. I've already heard one speaker that mates well with the 9200 the B&W N804. In the next couple of weeks I'll be checking out another potential mate the Dynaudio line of speakers in particular the Contour S3.4

Here is where my question starts. My present Speakers are Paradigm Studio 60ver3 will the Plinius mate well. It will be over a year after my Plinius purchase that I will be able to afford a speaker upgrade. The other choice one I'm reluctant to makke but will if I have to is wait untill I save enough for both. What say you.


In my experience all B&W speaker have one thing in common: Weak Bass.
No matter how much power you'll try to throw on each one of these they won't have a desired bass.
I strongly suggest to try out Sonus Faber Grand Piano before jumping onto more expencive speakers. N804 or even bigger N803 seem to be very shy compared to them.

My first combo that I heard was the PMC OB1/Bryston. It produced the sound I was looking for but of course I still want to keep my options open.