Martin Logan Source or Maggie 1.7's

Title says it all. Opinions? Looking for those that have heard both to compare. Many thanks for helping me make a decision.
I have heard both and thought the bass on the Source was very uneven and stood out. The sweet spot is also very small on the Sourse. The magnepan 1.7 were just as detialed with out the bass lumps.

The Logans will be a little faster and more transparent in the midrange but the trade off would not be worth it for me. The bass goes to the 1.7 hands down. The highs are very different from each other. Logans are detialed and rolled off a little. While the 1.7 are a little forward and agressive (adjustible with resistors from what I under stand).

PS. Sorry about the spelling I posted from my phone...
i have both one in my office which is a 250sqft room and the other in my living room a 400sqft area. depending on the material you play its kinda different and both are spledid to listen to , i have always been a fan of ribbons and electrostatics, apogee stage and centaurs from eons ago but never had a maggie, when the new 1.7 came out i ordered them without auditioning them. i didnt want to spend tonnes of money on the amps so i paired them with an emotiva xpa 2 power and a idecco pre, and they sound great, im sure they could sound better but at what cost only you need to know what your wallet can afford. The ML sound is a little harder to pinpoint as the sweetspot is kindda of tiny but they are really fast and bass tight speakers, since i use them for an av setup paired with the pioneer sc 27 using class D amplification they too sound good for the money. if you play electronic music the ML win hands down , but if u like jazz and classical ill go for the maggies. ps both play really loud and full but im going to spend a little more on the ML fronts by adding a power amp probably a khartago to give the magies a run for the money.
Ive had the Ascent i, Aeon i, but only heard the source.

I havent heard the 1.7's, but the 1.6's smoke the Logans. Logans sound unreal with a few recordings, but sound aweful with many. They lack dynamics still IMO, and have the smallest sweet spot you ever heard.

The Magnepans are a little bright, but I actually used a smal .27 ohm resistor and it took off just enough. For me the 1 ohm resistor made them loose a lot of magic, and sounded a little dull. I bought cheap resistors in almost every size to 3 ohm. After I settled on the . 27 resistor, I ordered a high quality pair in that size. Perfect!